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Research Works by S.Chandrasekaran

Research Focus:  To explore Asian Aesthetics

Project Develop
As a principal Researcher, I initiated artist research project titled Wax City with the support of the Contemporary Asian Arts Center. The project was undertaken with the following artists from various disciplines: Ahmed I, specializing in Asian film and television production; Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum, an Indonesian dancer/choreographer and landscape architect working with traditional and contemporary dance languages; Angelia Liong, a dancer/choreographer concerned with redefining the dance performance space in an Asian urban environment; Joyce Teo, an ethnomusicologist who specializes in gamelan music of Indonesia, and Venka Purushothaman, a writer dealing with contemporary  theories on urban and cultural spaces The project was aimed to explore the complexities that lies in exploring Asian Aesthetics. 
Funded by Contemporary Asian Arts Center (CAAC).  The Center was a research facility of LASALLE-SIA College of Arts which was founded in 2001 and headed by T.K. Sabapathy

Research Focus:  To create a new genre in art practice through Science and Art.

Project Develop
As a principal research, I was award a residency at SymboticA, UWA for a period one year. The project tilted was 6th finger, a new media exploration through scientific investigation. The project was designed to grow a plant out of animal cells.
Funded by NAC under New  Media Art Project

Research Focus:  To create a  Research-Oriented theatre - Biological Arts Theatre (BAT)

Project Develop
As a principal research, I initiated a research project titled Infinite Saree, which was supported by NAC under New Arts Creation.  As part of the initiative, Biological Arts Theatre (BAT), a Research-Oriented Theatre was created to explore the elements in life sciences between advance technology (3D technology, Virtual reality and Space technology) and visual arts disciplines (installation, sculptures, painting, video and mixed media).  One of the objectives of BAT is to investigate the traditional meaning of Asian Aesthetics by re-interpreting Asian mythology through Life Science, Vusand Advance technology.
With the support of National Art Council’s The Arts Creation Fund 2011, BAT develop the project titled Infinite Saree. This project was approached from research-based workshops.  The first phase was Bio-Art Workshop which conducted at PSB Academy from 24/1/2011 – 28/1/ 2011. The second phase was Bio- Art and 3D Workshop which conducted at Raffles Institution from 28 April 2011 - 1 May 201. The final phase was Bio-Art and 3D Workshop (Hands On) at Bhaskar’s Art Academy from 16 September - 19 September 2011. Through the workshops, we produced two main outcomes- Dna Music and Dna Saree.The final production will be  launched in 31st March 2012.

The main collaborators for this project were Gary Cass(Scientifc Director), Santha Bhaskar (Artistic Director, Movement), and Madhura (Guest Artist).

Research Focus : Third Person : Interpreting Transgendered bodies Between Narratives in South India

Project Outline

The research will explore socio-cultural concerns surrounding the Aravani culture found in South India. By interpreting two specific narratives, Aravan (mythic, traditional) and Aravanis (gendered, life), this research aims to study the  ‘Third Person – Transgendered Body’  specifically in Tamil Nadu, South India.  I intend to examine the Aravani culture through the study of the manner in which the notion of the body is contextualized, interpreted and represented through the Aravan and Aravani narratives. I find it particularly useful to draw on Mieke Bal’s (1997)  notion of  “what that has been narrated, instead of what is being told” is a study where the research will analyze the story of Aravan and how it contributes to the development of the Aravani narrative.