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Infinite Saree

In Infinite Saree,the musical script was produced by converting a unique DNA code into musical code. The DNA code used was accessed from Cyanobacteria, commonly known as Blue-green algae, a bacterium that occurred early in the life of the Earth elements. These bacteria were very important in the formation and evolution of the planet.

DNA Carnatic

The symbolic representations between the DNA code of Cyanobacteria and “Pancha Bootas” (Earth elements that are symbolically represented in the Mahabharatha) inspired us to create the music score, through Carnatic music (South Indian classical music).

In this project, the outcomes will be focused on interpreting the DNA sequence of cyanobacteria into musical notes of Carnatic Music. It has 41 talas and the raga is Amla tala .This creation can be claimed as a first of its kind in the world of South Indian music and the life sciences


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