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Selected Exhibitions

Exhibition: Campaign City Exhibition

Date : 9 January – 7 July 2013

Venue : Level 11 – Lee Kong Chian Reference Library in National Library Building

Campaigns can be seen as an extension of a mind of the creator, who tries to connect others through a particular form of informative text or image. In reading the campaign message, he/she is expected to response to it as ‘positively’ as possible. In 1960’s, I remember, how campaign are so important to us because it the only form of ‘communication’ that brings us closer to the authority, without having any dispute between both parties (system and us). At certain part of our life, the campaign became inherent in our psyche. I remember, we all are told to keep our hair short, as it symbolizes that “bad boys” image.  Indeed, I was told to have my haircut upon entering Singapore immigration, after returning back from my studies in Australia. A form of regulative measures that ensures that we are always been instructed how to behavior, including how we look at our own body. I created a poster titled Captain Green. The role of the Captain Green is to ensure that our city is always green and clean. A responsibility assigned to me by the State which made me a hero.

Captain Green

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